Our objectives for Eye Care

The Eye Care Health Organisation is a UK charitable organisation dedicated to the research and treatment of the more common eye deseases both in the UK and in developing countries with most of our resources targeting Cataract conditions which is the most common cause of vision loss in people over the age of 40 years resulting in blindness.

For the provision and protection of good health for the public benefit in particular but not exclusively by

• Providing advice and information in all areas relating to eye health
• Raising awareness of eye diseases and the treatment available
• Supporting research into eye diseases by providing grants to research organisations

LATEST NEWS for 2021: Cataract removal eye camp in Pakistan

ECHO is helping poor people by providing free cataract surgery in the eye camps of Pakistan.

150 free cataract operations were done in September 2021 at Sialkot Pakistan Pakistan.

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Your donation will change the lives of many poor people and give a lifetime gift of light.

Thank you Dr S.M.Qureshi MBE

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NEWS: Cataract removal eye camp in Pakistan

200 free operations were done in October 2020 at Sarie Alamgir Nr Jhelum Pakistan and 150 ECHO sponsored cataract surgery proceedures were performed during October 2018 in Sahiwal Punjab Pakisatan and a further 50 in Al Ibrahim Eye Hospital in Malir Karachi.

Please continue to support us by donating to this vital cause which prevents blindness in areas of poverty and desperate need, any donations will help provide cataract proceedures. Thank you…

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Prevent & treat curable blindness & impaired vision

Aiding vision problems due to refractive errors by supporting community projects and providing glasses to those who cannot afford them in Kenya, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

To aid research into eye problems

Treating impaired vision due to age related Macular Degeneration and providing the public with information on the risk factors, prevention, treatment resources and coping stratigies.

Helping people to see and cope with impaired vision

For those who are suffering with Cataract, Glaucoma, Trachoma or Macular Degenreation.

The relief of people who are blind and partially sighted

In particular in Asian and African countries but not exclusively Pakistan and Kenya by assisting in the provision of cataract surgery.

To provide emegengy eye surgery in Syria

Set up mobile camp cataract surgery projects in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Kenya and Pakistan

To provide tool kits for visual aid

Offering eye healthcare education and out reach programmes and support in the primary care.

Key eye condition facts

Cataract is the most common cause of vision loss in people over the age of 40 years resulting in blindness

14 million children in the world need glasses & miss thier education due to poor eyesight as the majority can’t afford glasses

2 percent of the world population cannot see properly due to impared vision

Elderly people suffer from MD ( Macular Degeneration ) which can be easily treated by injections and glasses

Trachoma is a bacterial infection, a major cause of preventable blindness and in tropical countries 25 million people suffer from it.

10 percent of the world population have imparied vision